Hardie Board Fiber Cement Siding Can Be Any Color

color plus color chart for james hardie

A Wide Variety of Colors

If you have not heard about Hardie Board fiber cement siding, then you’re going to want to give it a look. For years, people raved about vinyl siding as the most economical, durable and easy maintenance siding on the market. For sure, vinyl siding is a pretty good choice. Hardie Board siding, however, when compared side by side with vinyl, becomes the distinctive excellent choice.

James Hardie siding comes in many unique colors, and there are also different types of this siding available. If you can’t find the color you desire, then check this out. After installation, you can change the color of the siding to whatever you like because you can paint the siding! That is something that you can’t do when it comes to vinyl siding. This works great too for later years when you just feel like changing the color of your home in general.

You might want that forest green home for five years, then for the next five years you choose a burgundy color. Then, for the next 20 years you might have your home a dark walnut brown. You did catch on to the total of 30 years right? That is the warranty that comes with this type of siding, beating out its rival vinyl siding.

Imagine the curb appeal that such stylish and durable siding can bring to your home. You’re wanting to take care of your investment right? Put Hardie Board siding on your home, and the next time you have to think about doing that, you will be retired! Plus, as mentioned the siding is very easy to maintain, not requiring much action on your part.

With Color Plus technology and hand-picked color selections available, chances are you’re going to find a color of siding to your liking. Upon visiting the site, you can select your geographical area and check out the color palette as well as the trim color palette. With all of these perks and options, you should now be aware that this siding is by far the highest-quality siding out on the market.

With James Hardie colors like mountain sage, tuscan gold, navajo beige and more, you’re getting unique quality colored siding and not just basic essential colors. And, one of the best things about this siding is that it withstands the pressures of any type of climate, so it’s good for any location!

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