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My House, New Roof

This Blog is about roofing and home improvement.  I am Joe Parkin, not the famous cyclist but just a normal guy that works in the construction industry. Because I’m the only one working on this blog you could also call it Joe Parkin’s Blog.

I have been involved in the home improvement industry for over 20 years and have installed pretty much every part of the exterior of a home.  Siding, Doors, Windows, Gutters, Leaf Protectors, decks, gazebos, etc, etc, etc.  But my real forte is roofing.

6 years in a rain cape

My Baby, a Contractor’s Best Friend

I began my career at age 18 as a roofer.  In the beginning I pretty much was a grunt hauling shingles up ladders.  But as the years went on I learned more and more.  Eventually I became a project manager running about 10 crews for a pretty large roofing company in Chicago.

The company I worked for did all types of exterior renovations so I learned all about each product type.  Next to roofing, my second favorite product is a leaf guard system know as the Gutter Shutter.  You can check out more about this at

I really do love home improvement.  I love taking something and making it better.  Remodeling a home is making something better on a grand scale.

I would like to impart my knowledge and experience on others, so I put together this blog.  It is a work in progress so please excuse some of the obvious issues that I am having with wordpress.

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon for lots of good information!