Cedar Shake Roofs

cedar shake roof

Cedar Shake Roof

The cost of installing a new roof to your house or building is usually expensive, but in the course of time it will save you from unnecessary damage that may be caused by leaks. Ideally then, when you are installing your roof you should use roofing materials that wouldn’t require replacing for many years.

Cedar shakes roof is one that is usually good in lasting for long as it provides good weather protection. It also adds style and character to your house. In order then to ensure that the roof last long there is need for annual checks so as to ascertain there is no damage that has developed in the roof. More so it is also essential to maintain the cedar shake roof since by doing so the roof is protected. We will explore some of the things that can be done to ensure a proper maintenance of your cedar shake roof.

One is that, you need to remove any material on your roof, whether its branches, leaves, moss or debris that might have accumulated on the roof. The reason of doing this is to ensure that moisture does not get trapped and which could lead to the damage of the roof if the materials are not removed. You could furthermore, trim branches that are close to the roof as these will prevent materials from the trees accumulating in the roof.

Another thing that should be done in maintaining the roof is to examine the room at least once annually and do repairs to shakes that might have broken. The broken shakes will need to be removed and replaced with new ones. Ensure that the new shakes are placed in the same location as the old broken ones.

A wood cleaner containing a mold killer can also be sprayed on the shakes at least once annually. You can do this by using a pressure washer, alternatively you could use a ladder to climb up the roof. You should give the wood cleaner sufficient time to soak on the shakes, and you can check on the wood cleaner label the recommended period. After this period has elapsed then you will need to rinse the roof so as to remove the cleaner.

Coating the roof after three to four years, with a sealant is another step you can take in maintaining your roof. Depending on your preferences, you can apply a stain or clear sealer by use of rollers and brushes, for quick application you will find a paint sprayer to be useful in doing that.